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Rytme is an app designed for anyone wishing to enjoy a healthy lifestyle in line with up-to-date medical knowledge backed with scientific evidence.

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Get Healthy in Your Own Rhythm

Rytme aims to support you in lifestyle change and recovery. The app provides you with motivating content, tools tailored to your needs and abilities, and measurement logs. We have also included educational materials. We are doctors and we know that there is not always enough time to provide all the information during an appointment.

Rytme connects patients and doctors, motivates the change of habits to those recommended by the experts. The app is the end result of a joint work of doctors, scientists, psychologists, clinical nutritionists and engineers.

Along with drug treatment, lifestyle change is what global medical organizations recommend in the first place. Research shows that it plays a key role in the treatment of many diseases and reduces the risk of cardiovascular problems. Stopping smoking, maintaining a healthy weight or regular physical activity are important actions to be taken in which you need support. You will find it in Rytme!


5 Reasons to Try Rytme

  • You are getting your hands on a neatly designed and intuitive app which will adjust the activity program to your health and fitness.
  • We made sure the app includes up-to-date knowledge in line with the guidelines of world and European medical societies.
  • This app will make you stay on track with your daily doses of physical activity and relaxation time. Rytme is designed to give you as much satisfaction as possible.
  • It is practical - it allows you to conveniently record measurements and set reminders for medication.
  • It motivates you to systematically work towards achieving success, which you can boast about to your family and your doctor.

Find Your Rhythm!

Rytme gives you advice you really need. The app will help you boost your fitness, calm your thoughts, and understand how much influence you have on your health. If you are a patient, we will help you learn more about your condition and provide you with the latest medical knowledge. And if you do not want to suffer the consequences of your current lifestyle, you will find a prevention program based on healthy habits.

Rytme programs focus on:

  • hypertension
  • lipid disorders
  • obesity
  • diabetes
  • insulin resistance
  • sleep disorder
  • thyroid disease
  • modern prevention of diseases

How to Get Started with Rytme?

  • Download the app from AppStore or Google Play.
  • Register and answer basic questions regarding your fitness and health. This information will allow us to tailor the best program for you.
  • Once you create your account, the app will notify you daily about a physical exercise you can take, remind you about relaxation time and suggest medical advice regarding your condition.
  • Take up challenges and consult your results with a doctor.

Expert Opinions

I always make sure my patients receive the best possible treatment. Modern medicine offers plenty of great medication, but even the most innovative treatments cannot replace patient's work on maintaining a proper lifestyle. Developing good habits can be difficult. It takes weeks of everyday activities to develop a healthy routine. The perfect solution would be for each of my patients suffering from chronic diseases to contact a medical assistant, someone who motivates them to improve their "rhythm" of life every day. That is why we created Rytme - the app that, just like an understanding coach, supports patients in their daily commitment to maintaining good health.
Aleksandra M.
Aleksandra Michałek MD, PhD.,
cardiologist, the originator of Rytme
During and especially after the COVID-19 pandemic - a time when we will be treating and trying to pay off our "health debt" – improving patient care in any way will be extremely important. Information management, support of disease prevention, healthy lifestyle advice, verified information and treatment algorithms available to you via your own smartphone will become highly desirable. When to see a doctor? What to pay attention to? How to treat yourself more effectively and modify risk factors? Rytme is an exciting project worth following!
Krzysztof P
Professor Krzysztof Filipiak MD, PhD,
Fellow of the ESC, cardiologist, internist, hypertensiologist, clinical pharmacologist, Rector of Maria Skłodowska-Curie Medical University in Warsaw.
The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the process of virtualization of our work and private life. From the public health perspective, this poses a serious threat (obesity, depression, etc.), but it is also an opportunity for development based on technological progress. The Rytme application perfectly fits the needs of modern patients. It is a flawless complement to traditional therapy, and it includes elements related to lifestyle change, physical activity and diet. Every day healthy habits are the key to success and a long-term healthy life. That's why I sincerely recommend the Rytme app.
Filip R
Filip Raciborski, MSc, PhD
Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Health Sciences Medical University of Warsaw
Taking into account the aging population and shortages of physicians we should look for smart ways to help patients in self-care.  Rytme app extensively responds to these needs. In Rytme we can find multimodal management of patients' problems. Broad approach to health care proof that the idea was deeply explored by medical professionals. User-friendly design and gamification can help in patient motivation and adherence to the app. I believe Rytme will be a good, feasible and useful product
Michał R
Michał Rybaczek, MD
Head of the Medical Controlling Department

Take a Closer Look at Rytme

Proper physical activity, relaxation time, medical advice, measurements... How to wrap your head around it? Rytme is here to help you with all this!
Unhealthy habits? Get ready to replace them with healthy ones!
Become a champion. For yourself!
Exercises and relaxation activities have been designed exclusively for Rytme to fit people with health conditions so do not worry about how fit you are.
The app will tailor itself to your needs. The information and materials presented to you respond to your problems.
In Rytme, you can save and track your follow-up measurements. You can easily copy the results and share them with your doctor electronically or in person.
The app, like a good coach, will help you track your activity, encourage you to engage in your activities regularly and give you a good pat on the back for your progress.

Rytme Was Created by the Team of Doctors and Experts

Aleksandra Michałek
Paweł Stężycki
Amadeusz Leonowicz
Marta Szklarska
Operational Manager
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Why Should You Invest in Rytme?

  • More than ten million people in Poland suffer from hypertension, and more than three million from diabetes.
  • Worldwide hypertension affects more than a billion patients, hundreds of millions suffer from other diseases of modern life.
  • The first symptoms of chronic diseases usually appear around the age of 40-50.
  • Poorly treated chronic diseases shorten life span even by several years.

Join Us in Gifting Extra Million Years of Life!

Patients suffering from chronic diseases statistically live several years shorter. This difference can be reduced by introducing healthy habits - physical activity, stress reduction, conscious diet. Developers of mobile apps perfectly understand the mechanisms of developing users’ habits.

Rytme app, by combining medical knowledge, appealing design, and engaging content, encourages healthier living. We want to help hundreds of thousands of users in Poland and around the world to change their lifestyle. This way they will stay longer with us and in better health.